6 months of field recordings in ex-conflict zones, re-synthesised and re-composed with peace in mind. ...
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Languish Barriers Languish Barriers is 6 months of field recordings in ex-conflict zones, re-synthesised and re-composed with peace in mind. Recorded over the last months of 2014, these 10 tracks begin from Berlin’s infamous division which fell 3 month’s into Sam Slater’s life, down through ex-Yugoslavia’s still gutted satellites, through the abandoned industry surrounding Slovenia’s forests, Croatia’s golden unemployed, into Bosnia’s bombed and bullet strewn office towers, and finally further afield, to Burma’s military government just at a time when free speech is becoming fractionally more plausible. 

The resulting music was not made as a political question. It was certainly no answer to anything; no pokes at the scars of civil unrest. The ears of this 6 month project were receptive ones. To record the sound of the average civilian, and to listen to the rattles of life continuing forward – 14 year old Burmese boys hammering gold into gold leaf, being mugged in Sarajevo, calls to prayer and wind blowing through a sniper’s lookout over Mostar, footfall on Berlin’s abandoned airfields – each sound winding on, showing that life can move forward when it had so recently been paused, or stopped entirely.  

What’s left is a dreaming, nostalgic re-synthesis, sometimes unavoidably melancholic, regularly euphoric and all founded on the screaming distortion of life getting on with itself whilst resonating in the unavoidable chamber of previous conflict.


Full Tracklist


How do you like beretz?


Forest Gospel


Conquer Body. Ache with love.


myth hymn 3


water for idiots




Sea line


Gold held over (for al summers)


Praise Allah! Raise alarms! Come and be a drop in the ocean!


Up Building

Full album stream available on request.

Sam Slater In 2014 Sam Slater threw away his clothes, stopped attempting to enjoy the city and split his practice in two. Favouring specifically scraped sound from the internet, or personal field recordings Slater set out to compose exclusively from these polarised sonic sources. Since then his output has seen him perform internationally using only Google Chrome alongside Viennese sound-artist Bernhard Garnicnig – in which a collage of web-sound creates a beat-centric tableau of today’s content whilst simultaneously spending 2014 barefoot, collecting sounds sourced from civil conflict. In 2014 he left his urban Berlin home on foot for the conflicted crags of ex-Yugoslavia and Burma, aiming to find sonics that were singularly his.

He draws influence from the abstracted rhythms of Oneohtrix Point Never, the noise drenched cinematics of Tim Hecker and the sound-as-politics intention of the likes of Mathew Herbert and Bill Drummond. Sam Slater’s continuing study of orchestral and experimental composition and current participation in the European sound-art and noise scene combined with his work on UK Top 10 singles for house act Blonde, create a genre-less, questioning sonic.

In 2015, Sam will continue to work with Owen Roberts on their live show for Languish Barriers, to produce music for others including two records of improvised ambient works and two contemporary dance pieces.