A Musician, Producer and Sound-Artist focussing on creating artificial environments through synthesis and field recordings, beat based improv using web-browsers and criminally pretty bits in the middle.

Greenhouse Studios, Reykjavic – Summer-winter, 2015 
6 month studio apprentiship in Greenhouse Recording Studios, Iceland. Working under Valgeir Sigurðsson, Paul Evans and Ben Frost. Studio engineering, live sound and mixing on projests from Anthony and The Johnstons, to the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra.

What we Are Afraid of, Residency in Essen – 2015 What We Are Afraid Of, a contemporary dance work with Mathis Kleinschnittger & Maxwell McCarthy, was begun in Essen, Germany, with a 2 week residency in Pact-Zollverein, a refurbished coal mine and progressive arts and theatre space.

Languish Barriers – 2015 Languish Barriers is 6 months of field recordings in ex-conflict zones, re-synthesised and re-composed with peace in mind. Recorded over the last months of 2014, these 10 tracks begin from Berlin’s infamous division which fell 3 month’s into Sam Slater’s life, down through ex-Yugoslavia’s still gutted satellites, through the abandoned industry surrounding Slovenia’s forests, Croatia’s golden unemployed, into Bosnia’s bombed and bullet strewn office towers, and finally further afield, to Burma’s military government just at a time when free speech is becoming fractionally more plausible.

Blonde – 2014 Drum Programming and co-production on UK #7 – Blonde “I Loved You (feat. Mellissa Steel)”

#Browserpop – 2013~ Collaboration with Bernhard Garnicnig of to create live, beat centred and scripted yet semi-improvised electronica from immediate, scraped web-content. 

“It brought it away from "noise gig" into narrative, and contextualised the opening hifi visual content as it bled into some shaking iPhone familiarity.” – Marcas Lancaster

#Browserpop – August 14th 2014 #Browserpop, Madame Claudes.

Molokos – January 2014 Co-production sessions at Molokos Studios, working with Mark Allaway + Andrew Faley.